Fee Schedule

This is my current fee schedule at at December 1st, 2021. Note – my intention is always to be as efficient and effective as possible therefore sessions can sometimes be longer or shorter than planned, my fee schedule reflects that complexity.

As a guide, I always recommend 1.5 hours as an initial consultation, occasionally for those with complex needs, that may extend to 2 hours. If you haven’t seen me for some time it is best to set up an initial and fill in the new client forms to get us up to speed quickly. Emailing them to me prior to our appointment is best although if you are coming in person you may like to arrive 10 minutes early and enjoy the ambience of our front verandah, hard copies of the forms will be waiting for you on a clipboard.

Follow-ups are usually 1.5 hours, 1 hour for the less talkative 😉  – but you will know what works for you after the first consult. If you have any questions please do get in touch (you can use the form below) and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Gay Landeta Kinesiologist


💙  Kinesiology, Coaching & Counselling (in person or via Zoom) 

This is the best place to start unless you know you want a specific mentoring program. Click here for more info, or go to my booking page to book.

  • 45 min (short consult)                    $110
  • 1 hour                                               $130
  • 1.25 hour                                          $155
  • 1.5 hour                                            $180
  • 2 hours                                             $220

Essences (as required) $25 (postage included when part of a session)

💙  Mentoring Programs (including Power Chats) 

  • Laser Coaching                                  $997      Unlimited Power Chats, click here for info.
  • On-line Programs                             $0 – 297  Click here to find out more.
  • Ultimate Life Mastery                       $1297     1-1 transformation – find out more here. 

💙  Learn Smart Program 

These sessions are for learners of all ages. To see more click here.

  • 1.25 hr Initial or long session            $145
  • 50 min follow-up                                $105
  • 10 X follow-up session block            $900      (Valid for 12 months)

💙  Business & Marketing Mentoring

  • 1.25 hr + 3 weeks Laser Coaching   $375    


*NOTE!* Part of my community support is offering “Pay what you Can” – if these fees feel out of reach let’s chat.*