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Marketing with Heart – for heart centred business owners….

This is for you if you love what you do and are ready to attract more perfect clients and create a stable and abundant business that will give you joy long into the future.Marketing with Heart

The trouble with running a business these days is that there is so much information available that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure which way to turn. You can find information on almost any part of business development on Google, often free webinars and downloads. It seems easy to educate yourself on how to get a business going. You end up with lots of information silo-ed but there seem to be mysterious gaps – otherwise it would all be working perfectly, right?

The reason there is so much information available is that most of those downloads and webinars are done by specialists; marketers, branders, social media gurus, etc. To really utilise what they share you first must have all your business foundations in place.

Without solid foundations you are literally building your castle in the air – in the end the missing foundations are gaps that can be fatal for business success. You may be able to meander along, but your work will never transform into its full potential without those essential foundations in place.

Marketing With HeartI break down those foundations into 5 essential areas – and I find that each of us is skilled in one or perhaps two of those elements. I also find that most people can get by in another one or so. At the very best that leaves one element completely undone and at worst three or perhaps even four with fatal gaps.

And, being human, we tend to ignore or are totally unaware of any areas we feel less than competent – in educational theory this is called unconscious incompetence. This means we won’t even realise that these elements are missing until it is too late, disaster for a business!

To avoid that you need a simple way to assess where those potentially fatal gaps are in your business and then be able to fill them in quickly and easily. 

The Marketing With Heart Fast Track To Success Program explores these essential 5 foundations – and helps you put them into place step by step creating a business that is set up for long term success – whatever that looks like to you.

And because I not only understand what makes a business tick but also how the brain learns best I have made this program easy to use no matter what your style of learning is. Plus you have lifetime access so you can repeat it as you choose, deepening your understanding and building your business.

This program is for people who choose to live an inspired and connected life.  They want to share the work they love and create a business that is both sustainable and profitable. They want to be professional while continuing to connect to the creative flow of life. If that sounds like you, you are in the right place! 

Marketing with Heart You will begin by setting your intentions for the program, getting your energy in alignment with what you want is the essential first step. Then through a series of anytime-access webinars you will create the solid foundations your business needs.

Once those foundations are in place you will go deeper and develop the language and materials you need to effectively market and reach your perfect clients. No longer do you have to struggle to explain what you do, this program helps you create a language that shares your work – one that your perfect clients understands.

Each webinar is between 25 and 45 minutes long and has processes to help you explore your inner business owner as well as the outer manifestation of your work.

  • During the 8 module program you will create your guiding star which will help you to realise your biggest audacious dream for your business.
  • You will explore the heart of what you do and clarify and connect deeply with your offer, building your confidence about what you do and helping you to shine more brightly.
  • You will delve into who are your perfect clients and learn to share your vision so they can find you more easily.
  • You will learn how to communicate your services easily, no matter how weird or wonderful your offer is, so you can feel confident about talking about what you do to anyone.
  • And you will develop clear strategies and tools that will help you to radiate and magnify your message to your perfect clients so you get more clients and can create an abundant business that you love.

Your program is available anytime on demand so you can work at your own pace, revising as you are ready to delve deeper into your business. You don’t need to be computer savvy, as long as you have internet and can click a link to download materials you can manage the program. 

You will learn what you need step by step, developing a solid and sustainable business with the foundations to build a business you love. 

You can then build passive income, outsource or use any of the fantastic expertise that is out there to its fullest extent. With focus, clarity and empowerment. 

Accountability is one of the most important steps to making positive changes.  It is just too easy to say ‘next week I will get to that’, it is much more difficult when you have to report to someone else.

To that end, I have included 6 months of accountability and email access from me via Gay Landeta email. I will be your guardian angel, reminding you to stay on track and helping you with suggestions if you falter. 

I have also included a 90 minute business coaching session with me and a one hour strategy session, either face to face or on Skype, as unbiased mentoring can give you the edge to grow a successful business.

If you are ready to commit to your own vision I will have your back and I will help you grow your business. I love seeing people do what they love and I would love to see you doing your dream! 

To keep you organised you receive the Marketing with Heart Fast Track To Success Visionary Workbook, directions on creating your own Business Hub and tools to manage your business. Plus I am constantly adding in extra coaching and tidbits along the way.

So, in short ….. 8 modules + business mentoring  + 6 months of email and accountability + a strategy session  + business and marketing tools and resources  ….

This is truly worth thousands – a marketing session with me is $325 alone – right now this whole program with lifetime access is only $497 – if you are serious about making your business an abundant source of income and joy for years to come grab it now!



About me and this program…

Since 2008 I have been working with Business Owners to help them to get more clients and create a business they love and this program is the culmination of that. It draws on the wisdom gained over my 20 year journey as a professional kinesiologist, my certification as a marketing coach and my business training in finance and management together with many hours of one to one mentoring with high profile business and marketing coaches.

As my clients know, I love sharing my wisdom and seeing people create a life they love so this is a natural extension of that passion. I would love to help you to live your passion as well.

I know it can be a little daunting to grab an offer like this so I do offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee – If it doesn’t work for you just let me know for a full refund. And to make it easier to access if you need to pay it in 2 bites I can organise that too, just call me. 0418 795 135. 

I look forward to seeing you on the other side! 

To your Abundant Success,

Gay Landeta Kinesiologist