I recently received this lovely video from Claire Maradani, my first Laser Mentoring client. We both wondered how these short, focused sessions would work after many years of longer in-depth sessions. The answer was brilliantly. 🙂

And here are a couple of other interesting case studies …

Sharon is a highly qualified natural therapist with many years of practice under her belt. She knew what she needed to do but kept on getting distracted by everything else in her life. Joining Laser Coaching changed all that. We set up her goals and reporting system and she made her commitment. It has worked brilliantly. She has been attending to details, changing habits and setting her practice on the journey she wants it to take step by step. And as she has taken each step, hidden beliefs have come to the surface ready to be transformed which has resulted in huge and positive changes in her practice and her life, including more new clients, increased income and a whole new self-confidence. After only a few months in, I am so excited to see where she will at the end of the 12 months!

Susan had been struggling with her weight since she was 16. Looking at the big 5.0. she had tried everything and nothing had worked … and she also knew to enjoy getting older she needed to lose that weight and stay fit. She was very clear that she knew what she needed to do but was just not doing it. We set up her goals and her check-ins. And she is nailing it. Step by step blasting the roadblocks, discovering the red herrings that used to divert her and setting up healthy patterns and creating habits that will work for the rest of her life.

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