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Transformational Kinesiology.

… Soon to commence, Transformational Kinesiology Group Balances. Each session will have an overall theme, relevant to our evolutionary growth and to the planetary energy of the moment. Each person develops their own personal goal, which in turn forms the foundation of an overall group goal. Universal blocks are discovered and cleared through individual experiences that, again, relate to the whole. Energy shifts personally, as a group and, as working in a group is so powerful, on a planetary level as well. Group will be limited to 6 people.

Brain Gym News….

Brain Gym Refresh and Demo Evenings are a fantastic opportunity to come and share, refresh and learn about the amazing Brain Gym® Program. Brain Gym teaches specific ways to improve focus, communication and organisation. It helps us feel more relaxed and able to grow with ease. So, for the new, the experienced or those who are simply interested to learn more, come join us:

When : 7:30 – 8:30/9pm Last Tuesday of the Month
Cost : $10 (includes tea and refreshments)

Brain Gym 101 harnesses the amazing possibilities that neuroplasticity research demonstrates. In this 4 day workshop you learn how to harness your brain, improving the way you think and do things. You will learn how to create goals and simple procedures to clear the blocks to achieving them. This is the first kinesiology course I took and was the one that convinced me that by studying kinesiology I could change my life. It is both deceptively simple and incredibly profound. For more info you can look at https://gaylandeta.com.au/brain-gym-101-workshop/

When : 9 till 5:30 on weekends of August 23 & 24 and 13 & 14 September 2014
Cost : $750 including manuals, morning & afternoon tea and registration with Brain Gym Australia
Early Bird : $675, booked and paid by July 3rd
Repeaters $375

Brain Gym Professional Practice Days – Catch up in a small group with other Brain Gym 101 graduates to understand the process and integrate the basics into the way you use it and share it with others. These are held once each quarter.

When : 1:30 till 430 (or so) 12th of October, 2014
Cost : $65 including notes and yummy afternoon tea

For more information or to reserve your place at any event contact Chelsea on 0499 154 693, or to chat with me about whether it might be right for you call me on 0418 795 135.

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