Create 2020!

A Thoughtful, Practical and Soul Inspiring Journey to Bring In More Connection and More Happiness To Your Life.  


Five 1 Hour(+) Calls on Monday in December, January and February 2020

December 30th, January 6th, 13th and February 10th, Feb 17th at 7pm – 8 (830) QLD.

Calls will be recorded and available in our private Facebook Group within 24 hours of the call for those who miss them.

COST: $100 Yup! For the lot! 🥰


Does this resonate with you?

You want to find contentment and you want to feel fulfilled. You know that when you are connected with that quiet space within life flows more easily. Synchronicity happens. Everything is more beautiful regardless of what happens around you.

But life keeps gets in the way. The job. The kids. The partner. The dog…. ….sometimes you can’t even get time to yourself in the loo!

Right now a whole new decade awaits us. Astrologers say this is a significant time of beginnings and endings and that we will mark time in the future as ‘before 2020’ and ‘after 2020’.

….. so how are you planning to begin this delicious turning of the page?

I would love you to join me in a beautiful 60-day journey to say goodbye to what has been and hello to what will be.

Each call will take you into your soul space as well as giving you practical tools to work with. You will uncover and align with your soul dream for 2020 and beyond. And discover and start dissolving the blocks that may prevent you from getting there.

Who is this for?

  • You connect with the idea of living consciously and aligned with your Higher Self.
  • You know you get caught into old patterns where your control issues or the Inner Critic takes over.
  • You love the process of deep diving into yourself, your feelings and your dreams.
  • You want to start 2020 with a sense of purpose and connection and learn tools to help you to continue with that throughout the year.
  • You like and trust me and are familiar with my work. ❤️
  • You’re floundering a bit, you know you have habits that are preventing you from being all you could be…
  • You get caught in old patterns including anxiety, control or letting the Inner Critic take over – and it is not helping you in your relationships with yourself or others. You know that you need some help and you are willing to receive it.

This program might not be such a great fit if:

  • You are already doing so much that you could barely make the calls let alone do anything in between – if this is your truth you probably really need it – but my question to you will be ‘can you make the space for it?’ To get the best results with this you will want to find some time for yourself each day. Not a lot but some, even just 10 minutes will give you that connection with yourself that will be part of the transformative process. So if that sounds impossible this might not be right for you.
  • You don’t have a Facebook account. You don’t need to be someone who spends their life inside social media, you may even just be a ‘Facebook Lurker’ (have a basic profile but not such else) but if you cannot join the group you may feel a bit left out in between calls.
  • You do not have a smartphone, computer or tablet or access to one. This program will be on-line and while our Zoom Room is super easy to connect in it does need technology to access.
  • You don’t like being around other people. You do not have to be an extrovert to be part of this. Introverts are most welcome to come in and stay in the background and do your watching thing (the extroverts will certainly ask the right questions for you!) But if you know that you would not even turn up you might be better with a 1:1 session.
  • You’re doing great. You feel aligned with the flow of life. You make space for yourself each day and feel connected with your goals and dreams. You are patient and trusting and feel in alignment with your purpose. If you already have everything in place this program may be a distraction. Much better to just keep working with the energy that you are connected with.
  • You are seriously struggling. You might be better with a 1:1 session.
  • You are not really into personal development (yet….)

Who Am I?

My Name is Gay Landeta. I am the founder of Create The Life You Want To Live.

I love helping people discover what I call the red string; the pattern of old habits, defense mechanisms and no longer useful behaviours that are preventing them from really engaging with their beautiful Self and creating a life they love.

I have been in practice since 1996 and have helped thousands to step into lives they love. I know there is a process to this and part of my unique skill set is uncovering what it is that is keeping my clients stuck, yes I use kinesiology, but even more than that I can see the string that holds each client back and can help them understand and accept it so they can transform into a bigger and better version of themselves.

Relationship issues, anxiety, control, depression … all of these real world challenges have at their core the possibility of change, helping my clients find their light and point of transformation is my joy.

How Did This Program Come to Be?

A new year always has the delicious sense of turning a new page. And a new decade even more so. For several years at my old Highgate Hill premises we would gather early in January to set intentions for the year. Many people came every year, it was incredible watching them uncover and commit to their best self.

But gathering has become complicated. And the internet offers an alternate space to gather easily no matter where we are. We will meet in a Zoom Room (like Skype but better) and have a Facebook group to share and connect in between.

So whether you have had an Annus horribilis (horrible year) or an Annus Mirabilis (wonderful year), this will be a beautiful process to begin the new decade.

5 calls over 60 days allows the space to go on a gentle journey of letting go, to find meaning from the past, create heart-felt intentions, have the space to review and adjust them and to discover and change old patterns that might stop you from shining the light that you are.

IMPORTANT: Two Things This Program Is Not.

This program is not a magic bullet for a magic year! No, this program is not the complete answer – nothing can be. But it is a beautiful way to reconnect with yourself and your dreams and hold the space for the period of time that (neuroscience has proven) it takes to create long-lasting change in the brain and body. And that does make change permanent. This program will develop according to the group’s needs and will include my best and most considered perspectives, tools and teachings on how to deepen your connection with yourself and your dreams and manifest them into reality.

This program is not the same as coming in for 1:1 sessions where you get my undivided attention. Each call will be a combination of coaching and kinesiology so while I will do my best to answer each person’s questions personally I may not get to everyone on each call. You will, however, also have the Facebook Group, which I will be active in, to find the answers to your questions. With my experience of Facebook Groups and Q&As inside my other programs, I can say that there’s much more than a very solid chance that you will get some incredibly beautiful support from the other participants as well as from me! ❤️


I have kept this at $100 to be super accessible for everyone. 🥰 And this will be the only one I offer till December 2020.

The Details….

We will meet each Monday, December 30th, January 6th, 13th and February 10th, Feb 17th at 7pm in a Zoom Room. You will receive a specific link to access, just click and it will open for you. I will post a video of instructions of use inside the Facebook Group but it is super easy and I will be nearby my computer and phone for 20 minutes before each call for any tech issues.

Once you sign up I will send you all the details including the link to our Facebook Group where you can start saying hi and connecting with other like-minded souls. I will be posting things and be active during the whole time – ask me questions, share your thoughts or just stay in the background for inspiration.

Each call will be between 1 and 1.5 hours long. There will be a specific focus for each session. you will need time for connection each day, about 10 – 20 minutes (mornings will be best), and perhaps a little more time over the weekend or during an evening to explore ideas or concepts that arise. If you miss the call or want to revisit the recording I will post it in the group within 24 hours of completion.

Why is there a gap in the middle?

For integration! This time will give you the space to practice everything you learn in the first 3 weeks. Neuroscience says that we need consistently to change habits, this gap is the ideal amount of time. Coupled with the accountability and support of the Facebook group and then followed up by another 2 calls this means that you will have the opportunity to really explore and ground some solid change into your life.

What does the journey hold? 

Each call will be a combination of coaching and kinesiology …

Call 1, Monday December 30th @ 7pm QLD – Embracing the learnings of 2019 and Opening to 2020. Developing your key focus. 

Call 2, Monday January 6th @ 7 pm QLD  – Tidying up loose ends. 

Call 3, Monday January 13th @ 7 pm QLD – Letting go of old patterns. 

January 14th to February 9th At this significant point we have space to pause and reflect on the journey so far, shine the spotlight on our own personal tripwires and then re-write them. This time coincides with Chinese New Year. 2020 is the year of the Rat – year 1 in the Chinese calendar. Time for a new start!

Call 4 Monday February 10th @ 7 pm QLD – Cancelling, altering or confirming. 

Call 5, Monday February 17th @ 7 pm QLD  – Commitment and expansion. 

Time-wise you will want an hour to an hour and a half on Monday night for our call (plus a bit of extra ‘me time’ after we hang up) (if you miss it you can watch the recordings) plus you will also want at least 10 minutes a day for reflection and connection.

I would love for you to attend! Come along and create a new decade you will love to live in!