Gay Landeta

Kinesiology Energy SourceKinesiology is not for those who need tried and tested old school healing avenues, however if you do bypass it because of this you might be missing out! 

Kinesiology originated in the 1960’s when Dr George Goodheart DC combined chiropractic health techniques with his own findings to create Applied Kinesiology. 10 years later another chiropractor, John Thie, combined techniques from AK with Traditional Chinese Medicine to create Touch for Health as a simple, effective and safe system for his clients to use as a self help program. This was so effective other health and wellness practitioners interested in helping their clients started to explore the use of muscle testing in their work.

Many other kinesiology branches emerged, such as Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology, Applied Physiology, One Brain, Three in One and Transformational Kinesiology amongst many others were developed to holistically help people to live their life to the fullest. In addition many other health providers such as dentists, psychologists, naturopaths, teachers, doctors, massage therapists, etc, wanting a more holistic approach, developed skills in kinesiology and muscle monitoring to access information about a persons health and wellbeing to ensure they offered the most effective personalised program to health possible.

Many of us hold old emotional hurt, destructive thought patterns or deep feelings of loss and grief that just won’t go away. Equally many of us have chronic health issues such as migraines, back pain, or mysterious aches and pains. And many of us struggle with digestion issues such as bloating, sugar craving or difficulty losing weight.

Those of us who struggled learning often have challenges reading, writing, or comprehending or have emotional blocks about learning that will prevent us from pursuing our dreams later. And nearly all of us would love to excel in one area or another, perhaps sports, arts, academia, public speaking, business, etc. And all of us would love to enjoy life more.

Because we understand the importance of using our brain positively we will often try to use affirmations to make fundamental changes in all these areas, however when the underlying belief systems are the old and negative thoughts they never really feel true. In addition, at best we can only make an informed decision as to the cause. Kinesiology bypasses the mind and helps us dig deep into the subconscious levels to identity and resolve all the elements that inhibit the wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

The latest findings in Neural Plasticity and Quantam Physics all are beginning to change the face of science and evidence is beginning to prove the foundations of kinesiology. Given another 5 or 10 years the research will be in and understanding will be possible. However, after 20 years of practice I can say that my clients will often say they have no idea how it happened and they don’t really care, all they care about is that their life has fundamentally changed for the better.

If you are struggling then kinesiology may be worth investigating. Why wait until the proof is in, give it a go and use your own intuition, it may be the answer you are looking for.