Animals and Kinesiology – Animals Don’t Lie. Our friend arrived for our Christmas Eve soiree with a very sad dog in tow. Animals don’t lie and Shadow was obviously miserable.

Shadow is an elderly poodle with various health conditions which are generally managed quite well. He is on a couple of medications from the vet and earlier in the month had resumed his CBD oil, all of which contributed to a generally cheery outlook and eagerness for life. But he arrived on the 24th looking very, very unwell. His tummy was distended and tight, he was panting and he was obviously very distressed. Our friend was particularly worried about his tummy as she knew that it was a serious symptom for him.

I offered to see what I could do with some kinesiology. Balancing animals (what we call the kinesiology session process) is a very rewarding experience. Animals aren’t up for personal growth (where my passion with humans lie) – animal kinesiology is all about realignment and wellness in the moment. The thing is with animals and kinesiology – animals don’t lie. What you see is what you get.

So I took him into my clinic and balanced him for overall health and wellness.

After the session, which included some emotional release from when he was 3 as well as balancing the meridian system (used in Chinese Medicine for health and wellness) and doing an overall reset, he immediately seemed much happier. His tummy relaxed and he stopped panting so frantically.

Animals Don't Lie A couple of days later, as we came out of our yard, we saw our friend coming up the laneway with her shopping wagon that doubled as her dog carrier. But no dog. I was a little worried that something serious had happened as he had been really unwell. When I called out asking about Shadow our friend said he was just following. I expected to see him shuffling along, but instead he positively cavorted around the corner.

He was a whole new dog!

He ran up to me asking for attention as if to say thank you, sniffing and carrying on, wanting to play with our girls. Our friend said it was incredible the change in him. And a few days later, the vet confirmed him in excellent health for his age once again.

Dogs don’t do placebo. Animals don’t lie, what you see is what you get. One day we will be able to understand kinesiology and the energetic processes that create miracles such as this – but in the meantime I just love the way kinesiology sorts and realigns almost like magic!

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