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Create Ideas EBook    Articles and inspirations for personal and professional evolution includes 5 bonus five minute booster meditations to download to keep you on track.

“This is the first month I’ve gone into a lot of detail with my intentions … I’ve read and worked through a few sections of your e-book at a time and then leave it for a few weeks to sink in. It’s been a great help.” Linda B.


Who is this for : If you are feeling frustrated with the direction your life is taking, or you are interested in goal setting and are not sure how, then this is for you. You also may already be setting goals but not manifesting them.This eBook and guided meditations will help you to change old habits and thought patterns that are preventing you from creating the life you want to live.
What to expect : This package includes 70+ pages of strategies and practical tools to help you learn more about setting and attaining your heart felt goals and intentions and what to do when they don’t work. It will help you discover a deeper aspect of yourself and align more closely with your authentic self. You may chose to use the contents as inspirations, reminders or lessons in your own personal and spiritual growth or you may like to use it as a month long (or more) process of self discovery. Includes bonus tracks of 5 X five minute meditations backed by beautiful crystal bowl music. Add it to your iPod or burn onto a disc for daily support in making the changes you want in your life.

Create your Life’ Visioning Program     A 8 session webinar based program to help you to create a new vision for your life and take the steps to making it happen. Comes with 12 months of accountability with me and 2 hours of one to one sessions to help you to clear the blocks and make sure you stay on track to creating your big audacious life. 


Life Visioning
Who this is for : If you are feeling stuck and stagnant and are ready to make the changes you need to grow but either want to work on your own – but with someone to make sure you are on the right path – then this is for you. This program allows you the personalised guidance you need while giving you the space to work alone and at your own pace.
What to expect :This is a 4 month program offering fortnightly support, strategies and processes. During this time you will gain insights about yourself that will help you to make the changes you need – all at your own time and pace. You get fortnightly emails from me with links to on domain webinars t watch as you like. You also receive 12 months of accountability emails and 2 ours of session time with me to use in any way you choose. You can add on extra personal sessions (in person or via Skype or phone) as and if you choose. This 4 month program offers you the chance to take control and change your life. You will also receive life time access to the Mastering.Life membership site and on going bonuses and support.

Essence of the month   A gift of growth and support for yourself. Essences are an amazing support when we connect to the right one for us. I have had many years of experience of seeing the results these can bring. Feel free to contact me directly to learn more about this program. Sorry, Australia only.

$35 per month
Energy Essence of the Month
Who this is for : This is for you if you like support and inspiration for your evolution. This will work for you if you love to have a focus for growth for your month and enjoy gentle support to help attune to it regardless of whether you are a current client or not.
What to expect : This will help you to gradually connect deeper to your authentic self. Essences help you gently undo the blocks to growth and find a deeper quieter place within. You will receive a goodie bag containing your essence, an oracle card chosen especially for you and directions for connecting to the changes you desire.

Gift vouchers   $125 for a 1 hour session in person or via Skype or telephone.$160 for a 1.5 hour session, recommended for an initial connection or for deeper transformation.

Gift Voucher for Kinesiology
Who this is for : Anyone who is stuck and looking to take charge of their life.
What to expect : The opportunity to open up and let go of of patterns to embrace a new way of being. It is the time for us all to get on purpose and a personal session can help anyone who choses take the steps they need to Create the Life they Want to Live.

Practitioners Resource Pack  A resource pack to get your business on track for success.


Who this is for : Practitioners, coaches and any type of service providers who want the tools and strategies to create more clarity and better foundations for their business. You may be just starting out or you may have been in business for some time, wherever you are you will be ready to put the energy into your business to ensure your business success.
What to expect : This will help you clarify your vision, goals and dreams for the future and will help you create the foundations you need to achieve them. This Pack is created by and for creative service oriented business owners, not left brain analysts and includes the Marketing with Heart Visionary Biz Plan to help you clarify your direction, a unique Cash Flow Planning Tool to help you determine what you need to do to create the income you want and Client Activity Records to keep in touch with the progress of your business. With this you can confidently know that you have both the plans and the systems in place to succeed and grow.

Marketing with Heart – 8 Weeks to Success   An online program to train you to Create – or Re-Create the Business you Want. Includes 1 hour strategy session and 4 X 90 minute coaching calls with Gay plus 24/7 email access for the duration of the program.  


Marketing with Heart 18 weeks to a successful business.
Who this is for : Practitioners and service providers who are interested in the Marketing with Heart Program and enjoy working independently but with someone who will keep them accountable and on track. This will best suit those who are ready to create a profitable and authentic business out of the work they love.
What to expect : A 4 month step by step exploration to help you to explore and develop your business or your business-to-be; this program will help you to see the gaps and uncover the blocks to your success and create the systems and materials you need to grow. You will receive a fortnighly email that will link you to a webinar focusing on one aspect of your business. You will complete an assignment that will directly help you grow your business. Areas covered include visionary business planning, branding, systems and, of course, how to market authentically and with heart. You will uncover your blocks to success and transform both yourself and your work. You can add on extra mentoring with me as and if you need it.